Youth Summer Term 2018

The Summer Term for our Youth Ministry commences on Sunday 15th April 2018 and runs until Sunday 15th July 2018.

Please refer to The Next Generation pages to find out more about our ministry groups and our disciple-making process, plus dates and details of events throughout the term.

Junior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Things Jesus Said – The Words of the Word

    Jesus’ words reveal incredible truth about who he is and how he desires to interact with us individually and with all of humanity. The youth will consider how this impacts the way they are to live their lives.

  • Family Matters – There’s No Place Like Home

    We live in a community called family, and God desires harmony within our families as a way to reflect his character. In this series, the youth will look into building healthy relationships within their families, what it means to honour their parents, and tackle some challenging issues families may face.

  • Timothy – Growing Up in the Faith

    This Bible study series is focuses on Paul’s practical advice to Timothy. What Paul passed on to his young protégé is just the kind of applicable, faith-building message that young people need to hear today. The aim of this series is to help our youths build upon some foundational truths and set the scene for a lifelong discipleship journey.

Junior Weekly Programme

Senior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • John – Discovering Life Now & Forever

    Alongside the wider church family, the youth will be unpacking John’s Gospel. This series focuses on some of the key teachings of Jesus as they pertain to our life on this earth and our life that is to come. It will challenge the youth not only to think of the kind and quality of their lives in eternity with God, but also the way they live “eternally motivated” lives here on this earth.

  • Timothy & TransitionsFrom Follower to Leader

    This series focuses on Timothy, a young man who, thanks to the Apostle Paul’s mentorship, became a great leader in the early church. The youth will explore how Jesus uses the insight they gain from being good followers to form them into great leaders who point people to him. To finish the series, the senior youth will put this discipleship practice into action and lead the junior youth session on God’s Word.

  Senior Weekly Programme