Our Church

We are an inter-denominational church with members from different backgrounds and denominations.

We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance. We also have fraternal links with the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM), which was also founded by the late Pastor Stephen Y T Wang.

Our Vision & Mission

CCiL stands for Chinese Church in London.  It also reflects our vision — Communicating Christ in London.

Our mission is summarised by the acronym RICE, which originates from The Great Commission in the Gospel of Matthew 28:19-20.

Reaching the lost:
We will reach out and share the gospel to all nations and all people groups.

Integrating the disciples:
We will develop disciples through training and teaching them to obey everything Jesus has commanded.

Community (serving the Lord):
We will baptise and integrate people into a community based around small groups, releasing them to serve with their spiritual gifts.

Empowerment for the task:
We will rely on God’s empowerment by His presence and power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His mission.

Our Doctrinal Faith

Our Church accepts the historic Christian Faith as set forth in the Old and New Testaments and as summarised in the Apostles’ Creed.

  • The divine inspiration and entire trust-worthiness of the Holy Scriptures as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct;
  • The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead;
  • The sovereignty of God in creation, revelation and final judgement;
  • The dignity of man created in the image of God and also the universal sinfulness and guilt of human nature since the Fall, rendering man subject to God’s wrath and condemnation;
  • The redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death (as our Representative and Substitute) of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God;
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead;
  • The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in making the death of Christ effective to the individual sinner, granting him repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ;
  • The indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit in the believer and His sovereign action in bestowing spiritual gifts to God’s people for the upbuilding of His church;
  • The One Holy Universal church which is the Body of Christ and to which all true believers belong; and,
  • The expectation of the imminent personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Congregations

Over 60 years, the church has grown from 13 members to more than 1,300 regular worshippers, including children, teenagers, adults and elderly. We have seven congregations in five locations in London. The languages used for our Sunday services and meetings include Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

The 7 Congregations are

Our Centres and Places of Worship