Loving our neighbours, being salt and light.

We give thanks to God, our Father in Heaven, that we can serve Him through caring for people and the world.

Carelinks is a CCiL ministry that strives to enable the Church to act justly and to love mercy.
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.     Micah 6:8

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to love the poor and the needy (Deut 15: 11) and to be the salt and light of the earth (Matt 5: 13-16).  The main role of Carelinks is to encourage brothers and sisters as a church family to act justly and to love mercy at the church-wide, congregational and personal levels.

Our Aims

  • Loving our neighbours: to provide money and/or time to helping those that are poor, hungry and in need.
  • Outreach: to be imitators of Jesus and shine for him — through caring for others we are able to share Christ’s love and good news.
  • Advocating social justice: from a personal or at a community level, in order to campaign against issues of injustice in the world and shine for Christ.

These are accomplished by:

  1. training and education to raise awareness among the church family and to put forward our motto  ‘Put Love in Action’.
  2. supporting the local and global chosen organisations financially through donation to the Carelinks Fund and encouraging church family to pray for and take part in their programmes.
  3. promoting collaboration and coordination in social concern programmes originated from individual congregations



Carelinks Extra       David Chau,  acting Carelinks secretary   5th April 2020
Let me begin by sharing the news on reforming Carelinks.  After Pastor Wien Fung helped to take Carelinks into a new horizon, the church leadership has now appointed Pastor CK Cheung as the chairman and David Chau as the acting secretary (Please speak to your pastoral workers if you are keen to mobilise social engagement and take part in the Carelinks team). Carelinks will now pick up the pace to work together with the church family to engage with our vision to make disciples of Jesus who ACT justly, LOVE mercy and WALK humbly with G-d (Micah 6:8), while being committed to the Gospel of our L-rd. By G-d’s will, we wish to develop integral mission at CCiL to embrace both evangelism and social justice.  We have also fixed 31st May as Carelinks Sunday this year, when we shall share more on our ministry.  
The  Coronavirus outbreak is the hottest global issue.  An invisible virus of less than a micron in size, yet it stirs up the entire world.  On the serious side, as I write, it has infected nearly 1 million people and claimed over 48,000 lives (even 1 is too many); it poses real critical threat.  Frontline health and service workers are under great pressure and fear.  Whenever disasters come, the marginalized population is the first to suffer.  We saw from the news that in the Far East, there is panic buying for masks and sanitary items, even daily supplies.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we ought to care for the society, rather than laying burden to the society by unnecessary accumulation.  Let’s be generous to share what we have with others, especially the needy.  In London, there are reported cases of racial harassments and attacks to Chinese faces related to coronavirus. We must salute frontline workers and pray for peace for them.  For the less fortunate, let’s lift them up to G-d for provision, and give if we are able to.  In Hong Kong, CEDAR Fund calls for donation of face masks to the poor in the city.  Report discrimination, violence, exploitation and abuse, advocate justice and pray for the vulnerable, whilst to those condescending, face them with our given peace, hope and courage.
Mean while, in order to prevent transmission, we may find that daily routines have been disrupted.   Many socials are put on hold.  Church activities are no exception, delaying outreach programmes.  With some people in self-isolation, is personal interaction diminishing, and are we entering a time when it becomes even more difficult to CARE for people and LINK up with them?  Thankfully, social media and technology actively connect news and people in unbelievably accessible ways we have never seen before. Yet, do we find ourselves just scrolling through news and media pages, let the flood of information slip through my mind, or do we let the Holy Spirit inspire us to ACT, LOVE and WALK as outlined by Micah 6:8 ? Perhaps, when we are aware of someone missing from church services for a while, or when we think of friends or relatives whom we haven’t heard from for some time, we could instead use the wonders of technology to drop them a line or give them a call, to express our care and to reach out to those who might feel isolated and lonely.