Our Staff

Pastoral Staff

Pastor Emeritus
Rev. KT Tan

Senior Pastor
Rev. Pui (Emil) Ho (Acting Senior Pastor)(Volunteer)

Rev. Chun-Kuen Cheung (Hounslow Congregation & Carelinks Team)(Part-Time)
Rev. Ollie Knight (The Next Generation Ministry & New Soho Congregation, English Ministry)
Rev. Joseph Yuk Yan Siu (New Soho Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Rev. Nigel Cheung (Croydon Congregation, Mandarin Ministry)(Part-Time)
Rev. Pui (Emil) Ho (English Congregation, Stratford Congregation & Language Based Ministry)(Volunteer)

Pastoral Workers
Ms Katie Wan (English Congregation)(Part-Time)

Mr David Lim (Mandarin Congregation)

Mr Vincent Chan (Cantonese Congregation)
Mr Samuel Choi (Cantonese Congregation)(Part-Time)

Miss Anita Tang (Colindale Congregation, Cantonese Ministry & Christian Counselling)
Mr Albert Lee (Colindale Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Ms Ann Lee (Colindale Congregation, Mandarin Ministry)
Mrs Vicky Li (Colindale Congregation, Mandarin Ministry)

Mr Chung Yan Ming (Croydon Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Miss Haynam Sham (Pastoral Intern) (Croydon Congregation, The Next Generation Ministry)

Mr Matthew Yeung (New Soho Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Ms Jackie Au (New Soho Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Mr Dan Wang (New Soho Congregation, Mandarin Ministry)
Mr John Ho (Pastoral Intern) (New Soho Congregation, English Ministry)

Mr Angus Chow (Stratford Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)(Part-Time)
Miss Collins Tam (Stratford Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)
Miss Ballzi Yau (Stratford Congregation, Cantonese Ministry)(Part-Time)

Miss Charis Hung (The Next Generation Ministry)
Ms Gladys Ng (Kids Church Pastoral Worker)

Administrative Staff

Miss Nicole Wu (Head of Operations)
Ms Winnie Wong (Administrative Officer)
Miss Laura Yu (HR & Compliance Officer)
Ms Joan Cheung (Information Technology Officer)

Mr Thomas Yuen (Church Caretaker)
Mr Michael Lui (Church Caretaker)
Mr Kian-Keong Ong (Church Caretaker)(Part-Time)

Mr Nicky Yeung (Finance Officer)
Miss May Lim (Finance Assistant)