Our Staff

Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor David Lee (New Soho Congregation)
Revd Chun-Kuen Cheung (Croydon Congregation)
Revd John Hung (Cantonese, Mandarin and Hounslow Congregation and Mission Concern Team)
Revd James Lau (Colindale Congregation and Outreach Action Team)
Revd Wien Fung (English Congregation)

Pastoral Workers
Miss Ivy Chan (Mandarin Congregation)
Mr David Dai (Croydon Congregation, Mandarin ministry)
Mr Oliver Knight (The Next Generation)
Mr Timothy Lau (New Soho Congregation, English ministry)
Miss Virginia Meng (New Soho Congregation, Mandarin ministry)
Mr Cliff Pan (Colindale Congregation, Mandarin ministry)
Miss Anita Tang (Colindale Congregation, New Soho Congregation, Christian Counselling and Carelinks – social concern ministry)

Administrative Staff

Miss Linda Lim (Administration and Finance)
Miss Nicole Wu (Administration)
Miss Donna Lai (Administration)
Mr Jacky Fok (Finance)
Ms Joan Cheung (IT & Administration)
Ms Mei Har Law (Church Caretaker)
Mr Kian-Keong Ong (Church Caretaker)