• Welcome to the webpage of the Chinese Church in London Croydon Congregation. This webpage provides you with the latest news and activities about our congregation. You are most welcome to join our Sunday Service, whether you speak English, Cantonese or Mandarin, and other activities to know more about Christianity and to share the grace and joy in the family of Christ.If you are interested to get to know us or to learn more about the Christian faith, please come and visit us.
    The church theme for this year is ‘Arise and Shine’. May God bless us with the unity of heart and abundant fruits of the Holy Spirit as we join in prayer together

    Pastoral staff :
    Revd. Chun-Kuen Cheung
    David Dai (Mandarin Pastoral Worker)
    Tel:020 7602 9092 Email:
    *Free on-street parking spaces are available outside our meeting venue on Sunday

    Prayer Items (june 2017)

    Upcoming Events

    Check our activities page for details of regular weekly activities.