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2022 Sermon Series Booklet

Theme: Fresh Air

  • 2nd January – 10th April : Genesis: Origins and Foundations

    The first 12 chapters of Genesis span at least 2,000 years of human history, and possibly much more. They are the story of origins, beginnings and foundations, and as such they are fundamental to our understanding of the rest of the redemption story in the Bible. They introduce us to the origins of sin, and to God’s response to sin in both judgment and grace. They are key to understanding many fundamental questions that moderns ask about existence (e.g., “Who am I?”), society (e.g., “What is my responsibility to-wards creation?”) and theology (e.g., “What is God doing about the state of the world today?”).

    Date Theme Chapter
    2/1/2022 Creation I: the Natural World Gen. 1:1-1:25
    9/1/2022 Creation II: Rest Gen. 1:26-2:3
    16/1/2022 Creation III: Adam and Eve Gen. 2:4-25
    23/1/2022 The Fall: Exile from Eden Gen. 3:1-24
    30/1/2022 The Fall: Cain and Abel Gen. 4:1:26
    6/2/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker
    13/2/2022 The Fall: Generations of Adam Gen. 5:1-32
    20/2/2022 The Fall: Nephilim Gen. 6:1-12
    27/2/2022 Judgment and Redemption I: Noah’s Ark Gen. 6:9-7:5
    6/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption II: The Flood Gen. 7:6-24
    13/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption III: A New Beginning Gen. 8:1-22
    20/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption IV: A New Promise Gen. 9:1-17
    27/3/2022 Sin Re-enters I: Generations of Noah Gen. 9:18-10:32
    3/4/2022 Sin Re-enters II: Tower of Babel Gen. 11:1-32
    10/4/2022 Redemption: The Call of Abram Gen. 12:1-9
  • 17th April – 22th May : Jesus, God’s answer to You

    We live in a world ravaged by evil. In the face of death, danger, lies, false hopes in the world, and hunger in the heart, are you looking for some answers? Are you looking for a way out? Do you know someone who is also seeking? We are not without hope. Jesus is God’s answer to the world. The seven ‘I am’ Jesus proclaims in the Gospel of John, revealing his identity and his work, invites us to come to him and follow him. Do you want to know and follow Jesus to find the answer to life? Would you like to help those around you know and follow Jesus to find the answer to life?

    Date Theme Chapter
    17/4/2022 Is it You Who Mourn? John 11:25 (full text John 11)
    24/4/2022 Is it You Who is Hungry and Thirsty? John 6:35 (full text : John 6:24-59)
    1/5/2022 Is it You Who is Spiritually Blind? John 8:12 & 9:5 (full text : John 9)
    8/5/2022 Is it You Who is Looking for Security? John 10:7 & 10 (full text : John 10:1-18)
    15/5/2022 Is it You Who is Looking for the Way? John 14:6 (full text : John 14:1-14)
    22/5/2022 Is it You Who is Seeking to Bear Fruit? John 15:5 (full text :John 5:1-8)
  • 29th May – 26th June  : Fresh Start of God’s Rebuilding Project

    Why is life so hard, so tough and so cold? These were some of the questions asked.
    After years of exile in a foreign land, there was a glimmer of hope when the Israelites had the opportunity to return to their homeland. The returnees were busily engaged in their rebuilding projects, to rebuild their homes, their communities and lives, bringing hopes of a better life, a sense of belonging. Their dreams were shattered by the harsh reality, the harvest was sparse and life was hard. The fortunate few were doing well, probably at the expense of the less privileged and poor. Into this coldness of life, God stirred up and fired up the hearts of His servants, leaders and people, the prophet Haggai called for the rebuilding project of the Holy Temple. What is God calling us to rebuild in this age and time? And what is your response to this call?

    Date Theme Chapter
    29/5/2022 Material Desolation Leads to Spiritual Mission Haggai : 1:1-15
    5/6/2022 Spiritual Rebuilding Leads to Greater Glory Haggai : 2:1-9
    12/6/2022 Spiritual Purity Leads to Many Blessings Haggai : 2:10-19
    19/06/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker
    26/6/2022 Spiritual Responsibility Leads to Victory and Honour Haggai : 2:20-23
  • 3rd July- 31st July 2021 : Fresh Missional Hope from Death to Life

    After the first wave of invasion by Babylon, Ezekiel was amongst the first batch of people taken into exile. Settled by the river of Babylon, reminiscing the past and regretting over the helplessness and hopelessness of the present and future. After a series of vision and parables of judgement and destruction, there is always hope in God. But who can bring hope to the desperate situation? And what is the purpose of this hope?

    Date Theme Chapter
    3/7/2022 False and True Shepherd Ezekiel 34:1-4, 11-16
    10/7/2022 Profanity Transformed by New Heart and Spirit Ezekiel 36:22-31
    17/7/2022 Mission of Eden Restored Ezekiel 36:32-38
    24/7/2022 Mission of Re-creation Restored Ezekiel 37:1-14
    31/7/2022 Mission of Relationship Restored Ezekiel 37:15-28
  • 7th August – 28th August : Fresh Start Case Studies – Restart Life

    We are not as beautiful as we seem. In fact, we are often weak; we stumble, and even mess up. In our failure and weakness, people may give up on us, we may even give up on ourselves, but Jesus has not given up on us. He sees that in his grace we can start over, and in his grace, we can have a bright future. He approaches us who are weak and wrong, rescues us, picks us up, and gives us a new beginning. This sermon series will feature four biblical characters who met Jesus and restarted their lives. May their stories with Jesus also inspire us to stand up again in Christ for a bright future.

    Date Theme Chapter
    7/8/2022 Goodbye to the Past John 8:1-11
    14/8/2022 Brand New Life Mark 5:1-20
    21/8/2022 Reverse Direction Acts 26:9-18
    28/8/2022 A Fresh Restart John 21:15-19
  • 4th September – 23rd October : All Sufficient Christ: Creator & Redeemer

    A “philosophy” (2:8) was apparently threatening the community at Colossae, causing enough concerns for Paul to write this letter. If left unchecked, the “philosophy” could subvert the sufficiency of Christ and his gospel, and leave the Colossians in spiritual “bondage”. Our world is not very dissimilar to theirs – we also face opposition that belittles the supremacy of Jesus Christ, and many Christians in the West are left with significant doubts of their faith. In our pluralistic world, Christianity, many argue, must learn to accommodate, and must purge itself of any exclusive claims and monopoly of truth. In this letter, however, Paul establishes the “finality, adequacy and all-sufficiency of the cosmic Christ – by whom and for whom all things were made, in whom they cohere, and with whom in God the life of the Christian and of the Church is hidden.” Long before Jesus Christ became the Saviour, He was the Creator (Col. 1:16). It is because of Christ’s supremacy of all things that future hope of renewal of human and creation alike find its abiding value and confidence: “through him [Christ] to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.” (Col. 1:20).

    Date Theme Chapter
    4/9/2022 Prayer for Growth and Renewal Col. 1:1-12
    11/9/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker
    18/9/2022 Priority and Preeminence of Christ Col. 1:13-23
    25/9/2022 Paul’s Ministry Priority Col. 1:24-2:5
    2/10/2022 Philosophies and Human Rules that Distract Col. 2:6-23
    9/10/2022 Putting Off and Putting On Col. 3:1-17
    16/10/2022 Preeminence of Christ Put in Practice I: Daily Life Col. 3:18-4:1
    23/10/2022 Preeminence of Christ Put in Practice II: Christian Service Col. 4:2-18
  • 30th October : Fresh Start Case Studies – Renew Relations

    Philemon is a Gentile believer in Colossae and is a leader of the house church (Phm. 1:1; cf. Col. 4:9). Onesimus was a runaway household slave who is being returned to Philemon by Paul, and is travelling together with Tychicus who carries the letter to the Colossians from Paul (Col. 4:7-9), and possibly the letter to Philemon as well. One of the purposes of the letter to the Colossians is therefore to prepare the church to receive Onesimus back into the community. Philemon, on the other hand, is a highly personal letter to Philemon about receiving his runaway slave back to his household. It deals with a delicate private matter with “explosive social consequences,” and is a classic case study on how personal relationships can be restored and renewed by the reconciliatory work of Jesus Christ, of the subsequent impact to the community, and to worldly customs and values.

    Date Theme Chapter
    30/10/2022 Preeminence of Christ Put in Practice III: Christian Relations Phm. 1-25
  • 6th November – 27th November : Special Mission Series
  • 4th  – 25th December : Resurrection and Re-Creation

    This sermon series rounds off the themes of 2022 (which started with the Creation story, the Fall and God’s covenantal call of Abraham) by focusing on Resurrection and Re-Creation. God is not going to abandon his people and his creation. The theme of the Bible is ultimately God’s story of rescue and re-creation of the whole world, together with its inhabitants, and the entire cosmos. N.T. Wright puts it this way, “The destiny of individual human beings must be understood within that context… in the sense that part of the whole point of being saved in the present is so that we can play a vital role within that larger picture and purpose.” That’s why Paul’s immediate exhortation after ex-plaining what the resurrection is really about is this: “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” (1 Cor. 15:58). “That is the logic of the mission of God. God’s recreation of his wonderful world, which began with the resurrection of Jesus and continues mysteriously as God’s people live in the risen Christ and in the power of his Spirit, means that what we do in Christ and by the Spirit in the present is not wasted.”

    Date Theme Chapter
    4/12/2022 The Certainty of a Physical Resurrection / Re-creation 1Cor. 15:1-28
    11/12/2022 The Characteristics of a Physical Resurrection / Re-creation 1Cor. 15:35-50
    18/12/2022 The Creation Re-created Rom 8:18-30
    25/12/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker