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Our history and values

The outreach history of Chinese Church in London (CCiL) goes back to the time pastor Stephen Wang founded the church. Outreach efforts were localised, in individual congregations. In 2005, the purchase and establishment of the Soho Outreach Centre (SOC) near the London Chinatown, led to the birth of the Outreach Action Team (OAT), with the purpose of pooling resources amongst congregations in order to make good use of SOC and put outreach into action. As CCiL develops into a centre-based church, OAT is also growing into a church-wide ministry, to develop and coordinate outreach initiatives. OAT sees outreach as growing transformed and transformational communities.

The gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world — just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace. Colossians 1:6


Our aims

OAT mediates the following evangelistic-related activities:
  • Supporting evangelistic activities based at our church centres or communities within M25, aiming at bringing people into our church.
  • Representing our church to develop multi-church evangelistic activities within M25.
  • Mobilising members of our church for evangelism.
  • Raising awareness of the necessity of prayer in evangelism.
  • Mediating training on skills in evangelism.
  • Promoting collaboration and co-ordination on evangelistic activities originating from individual congregations.