“Do You Know the Real Jesus?” Sermon Series – 1 April to 10 June

Easter Themes: Resurrection, freedom, eternal life, victory, joy

We are all searching for “the REAL thing”. Advertising continually tries to sell it to us. As we continue our discipleship journey to be alive in Jesus, and become more like him, join us as we dig into John’s Gospel to hear the author’s unique testimony to the man who said he is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6).

Date Theme Verses
1 Apr Easter spring  Mark 16:1-8
8 Apr Jesus is God in Flesh John 1-2
15 Apr Jesus Came to Transform Us John 3-4
22 Apr Jesus the Son is Equal with God the Father John 5-6
29 Apr Jesus is the Light in Our Wilderness John 7-8
6 May Jesus is the Good Shepherd John 9-10
13 May Jesus is the Overcomer of Death and Shepherd-King John 11-12
 20 May Jesus is the Only Way to God the Father John 13-14
27 May Jesus is the Source of a Fruitful Life John 15-16
3 Jun Jesus is One with the Father and Sent by the Father John 17-18
10 Jun Jesus is the Promised Deliver John 19-21