New Soho Congregation


Soho Outreach Centre (SOC)
166A Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8JB

7 Dials Club
42 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LA
(for Youth & English Service & 2nd Cantonese Service)

Sunday Service Time

Cantonese | 9:30 – 11:00 @SOC
Mandarin | 11:30 – 13:00 @SOC
English | 11:30 – 13:00 @7DC
Cantonese | 14:30 – 16:00 @7DC (from 4/9)

The New Soho Congregation (NSC) is situated in the heart of Central London, providing 3 Sunday Services (Cantonese, Mandarin & English). No matter whether you are youth, student, working adult, married or family with children, we have fellowships, Kids Church and Youth Groups catering for you.

Are you looking for a church that you can call your spiritual home? Or are you just interested in knowing more about Christianity and make friends? Whatever you are looking for and however long you will be staying in London, we hope you will find CCIL a warm and welcoming place.

Physical Church & Youth 4 Christ Resume!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to church at Seven Dials Club for the English Service. At the same time, with Covid still being around, we are making every effort to continue to keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of covid transmission. With this in mind, there will still be safety measures in place and we will be reviewing to take account of the national situation going forward. Registration is required for attending on-site service, bible study and youth group.

We aim to provide a well-ventilated and reasonably-spaced environment where we hope all will feel safe and welcome. Please read and fellow carefully the instructions and details on the page below for registration. We encourage everyone to love each other by respecting other attendees and those who may wish to adopt a more cautious approach than your own.

For those who would like to join us online, you can continue to do so via ZOOM.

Sunday Church Details & Registration

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