CCiL Badminton Tournament 2016

Date: 30th May 2016 (Monday)

Time: 10am – 6pm

Venue: Canons Leisure Centre, Madeira Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4HD

Cost:   £5 per player for Singles and/or Doubles, £50 per Team.

Closing date for entries: 21st May 2016 (Saturday) or when all spaces booked. For more information and entry forms, please contact your congregational leaders or Badminton Representatives.

Other contacts for enquiries:

Keri at or

on Facebook: Outreach Action Team, CCiL

Please invite church and unchurched friends to the CCiL badminton tournament!

To help church family be a blessing to new friends, here are some opportunities to be involved:

Prayer Challenge:

  • Pray for the team planning the tournament that all will go smoothly and the players will enjoy the tournament injury-free.
  • Pray also for the church family to be welcoming to all who come.
  • Pray that everyone will get to know more of God’s love through this tournament!

Tournament and Follow-up Challenge:

  • Cheer the players on at the tournament and get to know at least 1 new friend who does not attend CCiL.
  • Continue to pray for this friend for 1 month following the tournament.