“The Church in Action” Sermon Series 8 May – 11 Sep

Easter (inclucing Pentecost) Themes: The gift of the Holy Spirit, empowerment, church mission

In today’s consumer-driven culture, the Church is always in danger of existing for itself. The book of Acts is our reminder of what being the Church is really all about – God’s people doing God’s work together by the power of God’s Spirit. Acts reminds us that the mission that Jesus gave his disciples 2000 years ago is the same mission that continues today. Acts confirms that the power that transformed the disciples’ lives is the same power that can transform our lives today. Join us over the next few months as we unpack these 28 powerful chapters and renew our vision of what it means to be a church in action.

Date Theme Verses
8 May You Will Be My Witnesses Acts 1
15 May Power from on High Acts 2
22 May Witnessing with Boldness Acts 3-4:31
29 May Being One in Heart and Mind Acts 4:32-5:16
5 June The Honour of Being Dishonoured Acts 5:17-42
12 June The Ultimate Price for Witness Acts 6-7
19 June Scattered to Witness Acts 8
26 June Saul – God’s Chosen Instrument Acts 9:1-31
3 July Salvation for All Nations Acts 9:32-11:18
10 July Making Disciples of All Nations Acts 11:19-30
17 July The Power of a Praying Church Acts 12:1-24
24 July The Good News Advances – The First Wave Acts 12:25-14:28
31 July Conflict in the Church Acts 15:1-35
7 August The Good News Advances – The Second Wave Acts 15:36-18:22
14 August The Good News Advances – The Third Wave Acts 18:23-21:17
21 August Suffering for the Name of Jesus Acts 21:18-23:11
28 August Testifying about Jesus Acts 23:12-26:32
4 September Testifying at the Heart of the Empire Acts 27-28
11 September Acts 29: The Story Continues…