Youth Summer Term 2016

The Summer Term for The Next Generation youth groups commences on Sunday 10th April 2016 and runs until Sunday 24th July 2016, before the Summer Holidays.

Junior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Stewardship – It’s God’s world, we just live in it
    This series points our junior youth towards a life of honouring God with their time, talents, money and resources by finding out what it means to live each day managing these things effectively, cheerfully and wiseley.
  • Acts – The basics of the Christ-life
    As the wider church family begins an indepth sermon series, ‘Church in Action’ through the book of Acts, our junior youth will also be journeying through the book for 6 sessions, discovering how the church is empowered by the Spirit to share and live out the Gospel of Christ.
  • Four Things – Avoiding trip-ups
    This series tackles four things that can easily trip up even the most Jesus-loving disciple: lying, gossip, popularity, and ‘multiple me’s’. The junior youth will find out the truth about these traps and how to get free and change those patterns based on biblical principles.

Junior Youth Programme Weekly Schedule

Senior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Jesus in the Old Testament – Seeing him before his birth
    During the Easter sermon series on ‘Journeying with Christ through Scripture’ the senior youth will focus on the book of Isaiah which prepares them to understand Jesus’ divine identity, his passionate mission and his sacrifice for their sins.
  • Holy Spirit – Empowering our lives today
    This series looks at four ways the Holy Spirit works in our lives, giving our young people the encouragement that they do not need to try to follow Jesus alone. As the wider church and junior youth journey through the book of Acts, this series enables senior youth to be empowered to be Christ-centred and Spirit-filled church.
  • What’s Next? – Preparing for life after school
    As the final series, we’ll look at preparing for the next season of life that launches teenagers into new levels of decisions, responsibilities, opportunities and pressures. What’s next, Jesus?

Senior Youth Programme Weekly Schedule

There will be a number of special events throughout the term including a Youth Celebration Service, Youth Graduates’ Preparation & Trip, and a Sports Day to end the term.

Please check the TNG News & Events page for dates and details.