Youth Easter Camp (YEC20)

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***YEC20 has been postponed***

Details will be emailed to all registered attendees and parents before being published online in due course.

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Topical Workshops

  • Rooted in Identity

    Joelle Phua

    Our biggest questions in life are often: Who am I? What am I here for? What’s my life purpose? If you’ve ever sat there scratching your head and thought about these questions – you’re not alone. The craziest thing is though, the answers are right in front of us. Come to a safe, relaxed space to reflect with others (who are in the same boat!) on who you are and who God made you to be.

  • Rooted in Life

    Hannah Chan

    Abortion has become an increasingly talked about issue in today’s society. How are we to understand and respond to it? Come with your questions, objections, and concerns and learn why your view matters.

  • Rooted in Truth

    Sunny Yang

    In today’s culture, we are told to trust and stay “true” to our “feelings” above all else. But does this way of thinking really lead to a meaningful, authentic and free life? Isn’t the claim that there is no absolute truth the most ironic truth claim in itself? Rather than insisting on relying on our feelings and whatever cultural moment we live in to be the ultimate judge of what is true, let’s discover how we can relate and submit to God’s unchanging truth that leads to a deeper and richer freedom.


Creative Workshops

  • Rooted in Community

    Eric Lui

    A workshop to illustrate the importance of collaboration and communication. Winner gets prizes and bragging rights.

  • Rooted in Rest

    Heather Sham & Tina Luo

    Did you know that after the sixth day of creation, God rested on the seventh…and He never stopped resting?! What does that mean for us today? We will be using plants, soil, and our green fingers to explore how we can nurture and grow in our relationship with God.

  • Rooted in Worship

    Elsa Li

    Music has a unique power to awaken our hearts in a way that words alone cannot for many of us. And when God’s people come together to lift their voices as one, there’s nothing like it. That’s why we sing! No matter where you’re at, what’s happening in your world, or how far you’ve wandered – join us for a time of sharing, jamming and fellowship. Come to Him. Worship Him. Be Rooted in Him.


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