“Whole-Life Worship” Sermon Series – 9 September to 7 October

Autumn Season Theme: Day to day discipleship issues

We long to follow Christ in every area of our lives; to offer our whole lives as worship to God. Worship is a response to the love and grace of a faithful God and all that he has done for us. So how might this kind of worship become a reality in our Monday to Sunday lives? This series is designed to help you and your community explore how worship transform every area of our lives: our everyday work and activities, our speech, the way we see things and perhaps most importantly, our hearts.

Date Theme Verses
 9 Sep Worshipping Engages Our Whole Lives Romans 12:1-2
16 Sep Worshipping Offers Us Fresh Insight Ephesians 1:1-23
23 Sep Worshipping Transforms Our Ordinary Actions Colossians 3:12-25
30 Sep Worshipping Inspires Our Everyday Speech James 5:13-18
  7 Oct Worshipping Focuses Our Wavering Hearts Revelation 2:1-7