“We are Disciples of Jesus” Sermon Series 3 – 31 Jan

Ordinary Time Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

God’s compelling vision for his people is for us to conform to the image of his Son and to become like Jesus. Discipleship is embracing and living out this vision of change so that our hearts, attitudes, thoughts and actions become like those of our Master, Jesus. We want our church to become a place where discipleship is normal, where each disciple grows to become more like Jesus in loving God, loving believers and loving our neighbours. Are you passionate about this change? Join us in the next few weeks to see how, by God’s grace, God is at work in us and through us to help us change.

Date Theme Verses
3 Jan To Become like Jesus Matthew 10:25; 28:18-20; Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 11:1
10 Jan To Love God Romans 12:1; Mark 8:34-38
17 Jan Chinese Church in London 65th Anniversary Joint Service
24 Jan To Love Believers John 13:35
31 Jan To Love Our Neighbours Philippians 2:1-8