“Ups and Downs Sojourning with God” Sermon Series 2nd May – 13th June 2021

The story did not end when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, the journey with God had just begun. It was not a smooth journey, there were ups and downs, success and failure, disappointment and hope. How did the Israelites get along with God in the desert? And how did God treat Israel? Their journey in the wilderness can help us know more about God and about being human.

The story also does not end today when we believe in God and are saved. Today, we are also on this journey with God. Following the Lord’s path is not easy, we will also encounter difficulties, shortages, challenges, temptations, failures, and confusion. What lessons, reminders, encouragement, and hope does the story of Israel and God have for us today?

Date Theme Chapter
2/5/2021 Man’s Hardship, God’s Healing Exodus 15:22-27
9/5/2021 Man’s Protest, God’s Provision Exodus 16
16/5/2021 Man’s Cooperation, God’s Crusade Exodus 17:8-16
23/5/2021 Man’s Commitment, God’s Covenant Exodus 19:1-9; 24:1-11
30/5/2021 Man’s Wretchedness, God’s Wrath Exodus 32
6/6/2021 Man’s Offertory, God’s Occupancy Exodus 34:4-29; 40:34-35
13/6/2021 Man Proceeds, God Precedes Exodus 40:34-38; Numbers 33:1-49