“Strangers in a Strange Land” Sermon Series – 5 August to 2 September

Summer Season Theme: Day to day discipleship issues

As society rapidly secularises, many Christians experience increasing tension with the values of our workplaces, schools, government policies and media messages. How do “followers of the way” successfully navigate this changing and hostile landscape? What issues should we not compromise on and when should we go along? Fortunately, we are not the first people to experience a culture clash. In this series from the book of Daniel, we will consider how a faithful follower of God lives successfully in the hostile environment of Babylon.

Date Theme Verses
5 Aug Holy Living in an Unbelieving World Daniel 1:1-21
12 Aug Death-Defying Loyalty Daniel 3:1-30
19 Aug The Writing on the Wall Daniel 5:1-31
26 Aug Beyond the Lion’s Den Daniel 6:1-28
  2 Sep Begging for Mercy Daniel 9:1-19