Engaging Muslims, Training Workshop

Nowadays, we frequently hear Muslims and Islam religion,
do you know their views on Christianity?

Mission Concern Term (MCT) organises this training
for you to discover their proposition on Christianity.

Date / Time: 20, 27 June & 4 July 2018, Wednesday evenings 7 pm
Venue: Soho Outreach Centre (166A Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8JB)

Speaker: Hatun Tash, Director of DCCI Ministries

DCCI Ministries is group of evangelists from different background,
and churches around London (inc Oxford , Bucks, S. England) where we all actively serve in our local churches.

Hatun Tash lived in a Muslim country for 27 years but now lives in the UK. She studied various topics at university including law – basic human rights, and philosophy. She also studied apologetics at the Oxford Centre for Apologetics in Oxford, England. Hatun lives an evangelist life style and has a big burden to share the gospel and to see the church equipped. Beside engaging with Muslims at Speakers’ Corner and in mosques every week, she is involved in Christian-Muslim discussion, debates, and Bible studies, while also teaching and training Christians to be better witnesses for Christ.

20th June 2018

  • What does Islam teaches about Christianity?
  • We can look at, What Islam is? What makes a person a Muslim?
  • What does Christian scripture tells us about Islam? What are the best ways to engage with Muslims?


27th June 2018

  • Muslims claim that holy book of Christians are corrupted. Where this idea come from?
  • Does the Bible really corrupted?
  • Can we trust the Bible?
  • What about Qur’an- is Qur’an reliable?


4th July 2018

  • Every Muslim challenges Christian doctrine of God. How do we answer their questions on Trinity?
  • Where did Jesus say ‘l am God worship me’?
  • How do we explain Muslims the cross of Christ?