“Psalms for Lent” Sermon Series – 18 Feb to 25 Mar

Lent Themes: Self-examination, self-denial, self-giving, repentance and preparation for

Lent corresponds to Jesus’ time in the wilderness. These psalms help us in times of selfexamination, difficulty, and dryness. They lead us to see our need of repentance, grace, forgiveness and renewal through Christ. They also teach us to long again for Christ’s redemption and resurrection.

Date Theme Verses
18 Feb Rejoice in God’s Forgiveness Psalm 32
25 Feb Beg for God’s Help Psalm 38
4 Mar Pray for God’s Delivery Psalm 6
11 Mar Rely on God’s Faithfulness Psalm 102
18 Mar Wait for God’s Redemption Psalm 130
25 Mar See for God’s Leading Psalm 143