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Journey of Faith – STM

Mission Concern Team

STM stands for Short Term Mission. In actual fact, these are Journeys of Faith. In CCIL, STM can range from short 3-day weekends to trips which last a month or two. The aim of these trips is to give brothers and sisters a chance to experience God and to serve Him in an unfamiliar, cross-cultural and cross geographical environment. In recent years, many mission agencies have found that short term missions projects – ranging from a few weeks to a year or two – can be an effective part of their ministry and can help young people in particular to develop a mission orientated mindset. This may in turn lead to them wanting to become long term missionaries, and also help to facilitate the gathering of prayer and financial support for mission partners.

MCT fully supports and actively promotes Short Term Mission and we encourage students and others in our church to participate in them.

• Do you want to experience the incredible opportunity to see the transforming power of the gospel at work in another context?
• Do you have a passion for Christ’s church?
• Do you feel a calling for Cross-culture mission?
• Do you have a heart for the poor and persecuted?

Are you prepared to move out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons and make a difference; are you willing to face the uncertainty of stepping into another culture; willing to be inspired, challenged and changed and to grow in your faith?

If the answer is the affirmative to all of the above, you are ready to go on STM!

What next?
Now is the time to unpack your reasons for going on a short term mission
• Share your ideas with those close to you for example in your fellowship/prayer groups and ask them to pray with you.
• Talk to your pastor or congregation leader, the MCT Rep; ask for their advice; ask about ways in which we could support you.
• Talk with others who have gone on short term mission trips – or have been involved with mission work.
• Above all, pray. Be conscious of God’s leading.

This year, many brothers and sisters have responded to God’s calling and have stepped out of their comfort zones to reach out to the wider world. A few of them have shared their experiences here. May their testimonies move you to GO!