Mission Concern Team

What we do and how we do it…

  • seek to strengthen partnership with mission organisations especially in the care of our missionaries.
  • maintain strong links with our missionaries and engage in all aspects of caring for our workers
  • help the Church plan its mission objectives in fulfillment of our mission policy.
  • communicate the needs of our missionaries and mission organisations to the church council and to the wider church.
  • make recommendations on prospective missionaries or mission organisations to the Church for prayer and support.
  • are committed to bring more acute awareness of the Lord’s Great Commission to the Church in supporting individuals in their response to God’s call and walk with them in their Journey of Faith
  • meet monthly to share missionaries’ news, current mission trends and pray together
  • host and schedule sharings for missionaries on home assignment
  • publish monthly Prayer and New updates
  • share monthly Mission Spot at the congregations
  • organise Mission Days, Mission Outings and the annual Mission Conference
  • establish and maintain close links and relationships with STM’ers and those who had pledged to Mission in the Mission Conference Faith Covenants, to provide prayer and support
  • hold special Short Term Mission training
In other words, your congregation representative is the person you talk to on matters relating to Mission, Global or within CCiL.



Mission Concern Team 2020

Ex-officio Pastor James Lau
Mission Secretary Katie Woo
Colindale Kim Huay Toh Congregation Representative
Croydon Kevin Yin
Howard Liu
Congregation Representative
Additional Member
Hammersmith Cantonese Vacant
Patric Mak
Sammy Leung
Ann Weston
Congregation Representative
Additional Member
Additional Member
Additional Member
Hammersmith English Vacant
Katie Woo
Congregation Representative
Additional Member
Hammersmith Mandarin Lin Zhang Congregation Representative
Hounslow Pauline Yuen Congregation Representative
New Soho Vacant
Charis Hung
Vivian Lee
Manfred Tsang
Congregation Representative
Additional Member
Additional Member
Additional Member