Mission Conference 2023 : Subversive Mission

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Mission Series Sermon

Theme : Subversive Mission: Discover a New Way to do Missions

Why there are many full-time missionaries being sent from everywhere to everywhere (no longer from west to east)? What is an Integral Mission? How do tentmaking missionaries share the gospel? When is World Mission changing and Where is World Mission now?

Currently CCiL has 3 languages service (Cantonese, Mandarin & English) and 13 Sunday services (7 Cantonese, 4 Mandarin, 2 English). Each sermon is 30 minutes max in duration. Speakers to choose their own bible passages for their sermons to inspire, educate, and mobilize the church community to actively participate in God’s mission of spreading His love and salvations to all people. Some key elements include “Biblical Foundation”, “Urgency of the Mission”, “Personal Stories and Testimonies”, “Culture Relevance”, Practical Applications”, “Prayer and Dependence on God “, “The role of every believer” etc.

Date Theme
05/11/2023 Full-time Missionaries
12/11/2023 Integral Mission
19/11/2023 Tentmaking Missionaries
26/11/2023 World Mission

Mission Conference Weekend

Location : Worship & Ministry Centre (WMC)
69-71 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, W6 7BE

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Mission Night on Friday
Date : 24/11/2023         Time : 7.30-9.30pm

Hearts on Fire, Feet on the move :
Short Term Mission team & Missionaries sharing

Mission Afternoon on Saturday
Date : 25/11/2023        Time : 2.00-5.00pm

The 21st Century – A ‘Game changer’ Era for World Mission :
Booth Stalls sharing and workshops by Mission Organizations

  1. Saving lives amongst forgotten poor in Africa by Dr Leo Cheng, Mercy Ship   Mercy Ships Workshop Video
  2. What is calling? Debunking myths & finding freedom by Mike Suewing, OMF OMF Workshop Video
  3. Digital Mission Rethink  ? by Jay Chen, WEC   WEC Workshop video
  4. Rights to Education by Matt Coe, Teach Beyond  Teach Beyond Workshop video
  5. Business as Mission by Chee Yong, Pioneers  Pioneers Workshop video

2023 participated Mission Organizations – Chinese Overseas Christian Mission COCM, OMF, OM, Jian Hua Foundation JHF, WEC International, Pioneers, Mercy Ships, Teach Beyond, International Mission Board IMB, London City Mission