STM, Events & Training




Event / Training Date Organisors Closing Date
Europe STM
Refugees Camp, Greece 23 – 31 Jul OM Greece 27 May
Toulouse, France 12 – 14 Oct CCiL 12 Aug
England STM
Lancaster 7 – 10 Jun UK Mission to the Gypsies 13 May
Liverpool 12 – 14 Feb Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church 7 Jan
London Bridges Date Options: 7 day or 12 day Cycles IMB 4 Jun


Any queries please contact: Sammy Leung (, your congregation MCT representative, or Pastor John Hung (

For application, please download the forms. Please return the application and addendum information forms to MCT( and pass the reference form to your referee who will send the form back to us.




Toulouse, France STM
12 – 14 October

Target Group: University Students from China
(partner with Toulouse Chinese Christian group)

Cost: £225 (food, lodging & transportation)

We are looking for 6 Mandarin speaking people

Closing Date: 12th August, 2018




London Bridges
Date Option:

12 day Cycles
Option 1: 24 Jun – 5 Jul;
Option 2: 8 Jul – 19 Jul;
Option 3: 22 Jul – 2 Aug;
Option 4: 5 Aug – 16 Aug
7 day Cycles
Option 1: 24 Jun – 1 Jul;
Option 2: 8 Jul – 15 Jul;
Option 3: 22 Jul – 29 Jul;
Option 4: 5 Aug – 12 Aug

Target Group: Tourists from the Middle East, The Opportunity and The Work.
(organised and training provided by experienced missionaries)

We are looking for English and Arabic speaking people (as many as possible!)

London Bridges IMB Video

* You just join the team everyday for training but can stay at home in the evening.

Closing Date: 4th June, 2018




Lancaster STM
7 – 10 June

Target Group: Gypsies and travelers attending the Appleby Fair
(partner with Rev Ronnie McCracken, MBE)

The Appleby Gypsy Fair is an annual gathering of Gypsies and travellers from all over the country. Among the Gypsies many are Christians, and this Fair presents a good opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Cumbria Gospel Outreach has a stall in town during this period. In the past few years, Rev Ronnie McCracken, MBE, has brought a team to help man the stall, as well as doing street evangelism. Click here for more info.

Where: Applyby, Cumbria

Accommodation: self-catering caravan in Appleby

Cost: about £100 (food & lodging), plus transportation from London to Appleby

We are looking for 6 people with some outreach experience

Language: English

Closing Date: 13th May, 2018




Refugees Camp, Greece STM
23-31 July

Target Group: Refugee (partner with OM Greece and Hellenic Ministries)

This trip will be a combination of serving refugees and reaching Greeks. We partner with our missionary Cheuk Chung Lau (Director of Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions 香港差傳事工聯會) See OM Hong Kong document (in Chinese) for their refugee program

Where: Athens, Greece

We are looking for 4-6 FAT people (Flexible, Available, Teachable) with some outreach experience

Cost: about £325 plus flight cost

Short introduction(in Cantonese)

Language: English

Closing Date: 27th May, 2018




Liverpool STM
12 – 14 February

Target Group: Children Camp
(partner with Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church)

Organise 3 days Vocational Bible School Program for Kids age 5 -11

Accommodation: provided by the host church

Cost: about £60 for transportation

Language: Chinese & English

Closing Date: 7th Jan, 2018