Projects & Activities


Education / Awareness

Carelinks promotes social concerns every month among the church family, which culminates on Carelinks Sunday in March. On the day, we particularly focus on why we as Christians should care about our neighbours, our society and our environment.

We also organise training sessions and workshops in which we have speakers provide training on the caring ministry.

Our approaches are:

  • To Inspire: WHY should we care? How does God see the needs around the world and in London and His will on this matter?
  • To Inform: WHAT is social concern? What are the needs around the world? What are the needs in London?
  • To Involve: HOW? How do we pray? What can we do?


Local projects

New Leaf Counselling Service

The New Leaf Counselling Service arose from our long cherished vision of providing counselling and care for the London’s Chinese community. New Leaf works mainly in the following three areas:

  1. Serving the Chinese and other people, in London and in surrounding areas, through professional counselling,
  2. Providing relevant training courses and workshops for various groups,
  3. Coordinating with other professional Chinese counsellors and those working in similar fields, to support one another, raise standards and promote the care work in this field.


website: New Leaf Counseling service

New Leaf praise and prayer items


Past projects

Croydon Chinese School

Now Croydon Chinese School has become a unit of the Croydon congregation which is serving the local community. Croydon Chinese School runs Cantonese and Mandarin classes on Saturday mornings for children.  For further information please contact the church office or call the school mobile no 07710 794 212 during the school opening hours.

Weekday fellowship groups for the elderly

The weekday fellowship and bible study groups for the elderly are now held respectively near China Town (at the Soho Outreach Centre), Colindale (at the Colindale Christian Centre) and Bromley (at the Faith Hope Love Fellowship). Please contact the church office for more information.

Educational and hobby classes

A variety of classes are held at our centres in China Town, Colindale and Bromley (at Faith Hope Love Fellowship). They include English classes, praise and dance classes, Chinese painting classes, exercise and dance classes. Please contact the church office for details.