“Living in Light of the Future” Sermon Series 4th – 25th April 2021

While analysts, stock traders, weather broadcasters and politicians ply their trade in trying to predict what is coming round the corner, it seems to be more and more the case that the only certainty in our times is that nothing is certain. Billions of pounds are spent by companies trying to future-proof their assets. Countless sleepless nights are lost worrying about the loss of a job, succumbing to a sudden illness, the unexpected bill at the end of the month. All of these can cause fear and anxiety to plague our hearts, sap our spiritual vitality, and dim the light of the gospel in our lives.

Yet as Christians, we believe that God’s word provides a clear and decisive picture of what is to come – a future where God is ultimately victorious. How can we fix our hearts and minds on this reality? How can we live today, in light of the things to come? Starting on Easter Sunday, we will spend this short sermon series reflecting on the vision of the future, presented in Revelation 20-21. How does Jesus’ victory over Satan encourage us in our struggle against sin today? How does knowing that everyone will give an account before the judgement throne of God, shape your conversations with those who still don’t know Jesus? If the church is the bride of Christ, how do we live in a way that reflects his love for us?

Join us as we dig into these exciting passages, and ask the holy Spirit to not only reveal to us a clear vision of the future, but also give us the power to live in light of the glorious age to come.

Date Theme Chapter
4/4/2021 Victory over Satan (Easter Sunday) Revelation 20:7-10
11/4/2021 The Judgment Throne of God Revelation 20:11-15
18/4/2021 The New Heavens and Earth Revelation 21:1-8
25/4/2021 The Church as the Bride of Christ Revelation 21:9-27