“Countercultural Discipleship” Sermon Series 1 Jan – 26 Feb

Non-Seasonal Time Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

What does it mean to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? The Sermon on the Mount articulates what a countercultural Kingdom life should look like in a fallen world. It is the Director’s Cut to discipleship and the litmus test of spiritual development. Throughout these three chapters in Matthew, Jesus critiques the misplaced legalism of the Pharisees, challenges the anxiety-inducing goals of the world, and addresses issues like worry, greed, and lust that are as relevant today as they were in the First Century.

Date Theme Verses
1 Jan The Good Life Matthew 5:1-12
8 Jan  A People of Influence Matthew 5:13-16
15 Jan  Kingdom Values – Part One: Reconciliation and Purity Matthew 5:17-30
22 Jan  Kingdom Values – Part Two: True to Your Word Matthew 5:31-37
29 Jan  Kingdom Values – Part Three: Love Your Enemies Matthew 5:38-48
5 Feb  The Rewards of True Spirituality Matthew 6:1-18
12 Feb  Treasures and Security Matthew 6:19-34
19 Feb  The Bottom Line Matthew 7:1-12
26 Feb  True and False Discipleship Matthew 7:13-29