Youth Autumn Term 2016

The Autumn Term for our Youth Ministry commences on Sunday 4th September 2016 and runs until Sunday 18th December 2016, before the Christmas Holidays.

Please remember to submit the Online Youth Info Form 2016-17 by the beginning of term.

Junior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Choice & Consequence – Making Wise Decisions
    Making daily choices at school and with friends is part of every young person’s life. We want to learn ways to make great decisions in the hope of glorifying God.
  • Matthew – Christ Our Teacher
    This five-week series on the Gospel of Matthew takes an in-depth look at the example Jesus sets for us in both actions and words. Focusing primarily on Jesus’ teachings, this study will challenge our junior youths to completely re-evaluate their relationships with Christ. They will be exposed to what an authentic faith looks like and what it means to be a disciple.
  • Things Jesus Did – Understanding Signs & Wonders
    The idea of walking on water is familiar to many people in our culture, but what do the miraculous stories in the New Testament teach young people about faith today?
  • Evangelism – Sharing the News & Love of Jesus
    As followers of Jesus, we experience friendship with our loving God and have the opportunity to share this great news with our friends. This series looks at God’s incredible plan for using his people, including young people, to spread the good news of Jesus.

Junior Weekly Programme & Guide

Senior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Divine Humour – The Unexpected Jesus
    This light-hearted series to start the year allows our youths to uncover the gift of laughter in their spiritual journeys, based on Jesus’ use of improvisation, inside jokes and observational humour which led to some riotous punchlines for our lives.
  • Me and the Church – Living Out the Four Acts of Love
    During the sermon series ‘I Am a Church Member,’ our senior youth groups will seek to exercise what God created his church for – to be a vibrant, Jesus-centred community that seeks people who are spiritually lost and serves as a powerful point of connection to Christ.
  • Recording the Life of Jesus – Encountering Transformation in the Gospels
    During the sermon series ‘Encountering Jesus, Becoming Like Jesus,’ our senior youths will also be learning from the powerful accounts of Jesus’ life. Young people are constantly learning, but most of all, we want them to learn to follow Jesus, love him, and draw close to him as they build a vibrant relationship with him.

Senior Weekly Programme & Guide

Please check the TNG News & Events page for dates and details of events throughout the term.