Youth Summer Term 2019

The Summer Term for our Youth Ministry commences on 28th April 2019 and runs until Sunday 14th July, before our summer break.

Please refer to The Next Generation pages to find out more about our ministry groups and our disciple-making process, plus dates and details of events throughout the term.

Junior & Senior Youth Groups will be covering the following series:

  • Youth Alpha – Life. Faith. Meaning.

    Continuing from last term and the theme of Easter, this series gives our young people the opportunity to explore the Christian faith from a fresh perspective and ask the questions they are wrestling with, in the hope of finding assurance in the truth of the gospel.

  • Live Justly & Youth Baptism

    These weeks give our youth groups an opportunity to engage with the wider church sermon series on social justice issues, using a resource from our supported partner, Tearfund, to challenge young people’s engagement with poverty, after considering the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit. We then celebrate faith commitment through baptism.

  • Romans – Gospel Impact

    As the church sermon series takes us on a discipleship journey through Romans, this Bible study series will also take our youths through personal application of the gospel in our lives, as well as how we are to represent it to the world. It is full of practical teaching, built on a solid foundation of theology. This leads up to our end of year session, sending out our graduates and young disciples with an understanding that God’s ways, after which we are called to pattern ourselves, are unlike the ways of the world.

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