“Your Kingdom Come” Sermon Series 29 Nov – 27 Dec

An Advent and Christmas Sermon Series

“To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is … to be fired by a great vision, and to live in the interval between its initial and final realization.”

As we look forward to remembering Jesus’ second coming during Advent and celebrating his birth during Christmas, we look back to the hope-filled promises in Zechariah about the LORD’s reign, return and the arrival of his Kingdom, manifested in all its glory here on earth.

Date Theme Bible Verses
29 Nov A New Beginning Zechariah 1:1-6; 3:1-10; 6:9-15
6 Dec A New City Zechariah 8
13 Dec The Advent of the King Zechariah 9
20 Dec The Advent of Salvation Zechariah 12 – 13
27 Dec The Day of the Lord Zechariah 14