“Return” Sermon Series 27 Nov-25 Dec

Advent Themes: Waiting; Expectation; Judgment; Hope; Longing; Joy

Christmas Themes: Word incarnate; Celebration; Joy; Salvation

The prophet Joel was sent by God to speak to a post-exile community of Israel. It was a seemingly bleak chapter in their history, with both natural disasters and the threat from neighbouring nations casting a shadow of fear upon the people. It was to these very real experiences that Joel was given divine insight, to which he draws a vivid portrait not only of God’s judgment and displeasure at Israel’s disobedience, but also of God’s faithfulness and grace. As we, the new covenant children of God, prepare to celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus Christ, may we also learn from Joel about a God who is jealous for the holiness, love and fruitfulness of his children!

Date Theme Bible Verses
27 Nov A Wake Up Call Joel 1:1-2:11
4 Dec Call to Repentant Prayer Joel 2:12-27
11 Dec The Outpouring of God’s Grace Joel 2:28-32
18 Dec The Promise of Justice Joel 3:1-6
25 Dec The Promise of God’s Presence, Forever Joel 3:17-21