“Mission-Minded Living” Sermon Series 25 Oct – 22 Nov

This series looks at the life and call of Christ, so that the church family may be awakened, inspired
and emboldened by God’s grace to go and be Christ’s image-bearers – both wherever Christ has
placed them in London and wherever Christ will send them in the future. We are seeking to
encourage a heart for incarnational mission in all of the church family, and in every sphere of our
lives. When we are inspired and transformed by grace, God graciously works through us to shape
our communities for his kingdom and glory.

Date Theme Verses
25 Oct Mission Conference 2015: Bear Much Fruit in World Mission – Living the Gospel Romans 12
1 Nov See, Hear, Act Luke 7:18-23
8 Nov Loving God, Loving Our Neighbour Luke 10:25-37
15 Nov Reflecting Christ’s Compassion Luke 15:1-32
22 Nov Christ’s Commission Luke 24:36-53