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Prayer CCiL’s Café Eterno Ministry
Project Ignite English Class Ministry



Outreach Action Team (OAT)  — Every Church Member A Missionary

Living the mission of Jesus means taking your faith into your work and your life and praying for it to change people’s hearts toward God. Tim Keller

OAT strives to encourage and equip the church, so that we ‘live the mission of Jesus’ in our daily lives … and ‘pray for it to change people’s hearts towards God’.

OAT – Prayer Diary 2015

Project Ignite


The purpose is to encourage every member to pledge to God to let Him Ignite and Use me”, to make Him known. OAT believes that if we are willing to share the good news about Jesus Christ, God will strengthen us, use us, and provide us with opportunities (divine appointments) to witness for Him.

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Would you like to share your testimony on how God has converted and enriched your life, by writing us your story?  PI leaflet

CCiL’s Café Eterno ministry

recruiting Café Team volunteers

CCiL’s Christmas themed Café Eterno sessions turned out to be very popular.  On one hand we are excited and give thanks for God’s imprint and abundant grace!  On the other hand, God wants us to look further and see that the mission field is huge.  We are inspired by new channels and approaches: we feel that God is leading us step by step. Doors leading to more gospel opportunities are opening to us through this ministry.

To take on CCiL’s Café Eterno ministry to the next stage, the Outreach Action Team (OAT ) is planning to form and train up a Café Team in February, March and April.  We hope that the Café Team will include church family from diverse cultures and ages, and that they can serve in roles, including: snack preparation, making good coffee, waiters, talking to people, leading themed sharing (that involves programme planning, music worship…) and being prayer warriors – different roles but all with the same aim: to share the love of Christ through word and deed.

Please pray for the team as we plan and for all of us that the Lord will use us to share the gospel wisely and sensitively, and that He will grow the gospel in our hearts and in our unchurched friends’ hearts, so that we see His fruit of gospel-transformed lives.

Please contact your OAT leaders, or email: for more info.

English Class Ministry


Monday and Wednesday, 11am – 1pm

Term Start Dates in 2018:
All Monday Classes:  10th September
All Wednesday Classes: 5th September

Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the rigtheous is a tree of life; and he that wins souls is wise.

English Class Ministry Volunteers Needed:
Weekly Teaching Assistants  and/or English Teachers to provide holiday cover.

Ling Chung (English Class Ministry Coordinator)

Volunteer Times:
Mondays: 10.45am – 1.30pm and/or  Wednesdays: 10.45am – 1.30pm


  1. The desire to show God’s grace and love through teaching English and building up intentional friendships with the students.
  2. Ability to plan and teach English classes lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes, which include a gospel component, such as a bible story. The classes last 2 hours, 11am – 1pm, including the break.
  3. Mandarin-speaking ability preferable though not necessary.

Ways to serve the Lord:

  1. Praying and planning with the English Class Ministry Team before and after the classes.
  2. Welcoming and building intentional friendships with the English class students at the Soho Outreach Centre. This involves helping them with learning English, chatting with the students during the break or over lunch, sensitively introducing the gospel to them and gently encouraging them to attend church and the Sunday bible study.
  3. Volunteer teachers would provide holiday cover. They would need to be able to plan and teach English classes lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes, which include a gospel component – such as a bible story.
  4. Regular prayer during personal devotional time: for the students, that they are able to learn English well, and discover more about God’s love, and for yourself as you serve the Lord in this area.
  5. Encouraging your small group and other church friends to pray for the students, and to support you in prayer in this ministry.

For more info email Ling Chung (