updated 29/7/2023
  1. In Ethiopia, more than 20 million people don’t have enough food to survive. In Nigeria, that number is a staggering 25 million.  Somalia is facing an extreme hunger crisis. The number of children facing life-threatening hunger has doubled since last year, because of drought, rising food prices and conflict.  Children in Yemen are suffering from acute malnutrition.  G-d in your mercy, may them be provided food, water and life-saving treatment.  Pray for suffering people in these countries who are currently food insecure.
  2. Pray for Pakistan –  the country amid monsoon season as lives have already been lost this year. May God protect all against the potential hazards of heavy rainfall and floods. Ask God to provide adequate resources, infrastructure and preparedness measures to safeguard lives and livelihoods. Lift up all humanitarian and development workers, including our partners, who are still working to help communities recover from last year’s floods. Ask God to comfort those who have lost their loved ones and for speedy recovery for the injured. Pray for wisdom and guidance for leaders as they manage and respond to potential disasters. May they make the best decisions for the nation’s safety and wellbeing.
  3. Tough all around the world – including here in the UK, with inflation driving up food prices and the cost of living crisis continuing to hit.  According to Age UK, millions of older people have been skipping meals because they cannot afford the food they need. Isolated and alone, no one knew that they were struggling to stave off their hunger with a single sandwich each day.  There were 271,000 households recorded as homeless in England only at the start of 2023, according to charity Shelter.  Poor people are hit hardest.  L-rd, embrace in your way the children and families in poverty so they feel comfort and hope; meet their needs both physically and spiritually. And, L-rd, guide us so we can be your hands and feet pursuing justice for the poor and upholding the cause of the needy.



updated 27/3/2023
Adapted from Tearfund – 21 Mar 2023


The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time. We have a collective responsibility to care for God’s creation, and we believe prayer can make a powerful difference. Here are what to pray for:

The impact of climate change on vulnerable communities

  • Pray for protection for communities who are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including people living in poverty, indigenous peoples, and coastal communities.
  • Pray for resources and solutions to help these communities adapt to the changing climate and protect them from harm.
  • Pray for justice and for fair policies to be implemented to support these communities.


The need for governments and corporations to address the climate crisis

  • Pray for leaders in government and corporations to acknowledge the urgency of the climate crisis and take bold action to tackle it.
  • Pray for policies and regulations that prioritise sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Pray for transparency and accountability in corporate practices related to the environment.


The role of the church in tackling climate change

  • Pray for the church to recognise and respond to the urgent need for collective action to combat climate change.
  • Pray for opportunities for education and discussion within the church community to raise awareness of the climate crisis.
  • Pray for local churches around the world who are already doing so much to address this issue.


The impact of climate change on wider creation

  • Pray for the protection and preservation of wildlife and ecosystems affected by climate change.
  • Pray for resources and solutions to restore natural habitats and protect endangered species.
  • Pray that the huge harm already done to creation can begin to be reversed, so that all life can thrive.


The need for renewable energy

  • Pray for advances in technology and infrastructure to support renewable energy sources.
  • Pray for policies and practices that support the transition to renewable energy and phase out the use of harmful fossil fuels.
  • Pray for individual and collective actions to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.


updated 30/1/2023
  1. As the rising cost of living sweeps across the UK, let us lament and intercede to our mighty God the situation. A research shows that, on average, people who need to use food banks have just £57 a week to live on after housing costs.  Hunger in the UK isn’t about a lack of food, it’s about a lack of income.
  2. An estimated 28 million people across East Africa including Somalia and Ethiopia are facing extreme hunger. People in Yemen, Nigeria and Afghanistan are under starvation.  They are fighting every day for their lives, despite doing little to cause the Climate Crisis or the collapse of the food system that’s fueled this. And they see little reparation for the injustice.  Pray God for provision and generous donation by the wealthy ones.