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From the 21st April to the 16th June, the Carelinks Ministry of the Chinese Church in London will be launching the Live Justly series to bring awareness to and involvement in social justice issues. As part of our Live Justly sermon series, we have a number of exciting weeknight events where we aim to inform, inspire and involve our church members on the most current social justice issues. Take a look at these events and register your place now!

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  • The Impact of Climate Change – 30th April 2019

    30th April, 7-9pm, SOC

    Climate change is an urgent issue and God’s earth can no longer cope with the demands we place on it. Join us and be challenged by the dangers of climate change and learn what Christians can do to make a difference.

  • Fashion with a Difference – 3rd May 2019

    3rd May, 7-9pm, SOC

    In 2013 Rana Plaza, a garment-factory in Bangladesh collapsed and killed over 1000 people. This dark side of how our clothing is produced inspired Charlotte Instone to end injustice and to start Know the Origin, an ethical clothing brand that is 100% ethical and supports and respects people employed at every stage, from seed to final garment. Come and be inspired and learn how you can make your shopping decisions more loving, just and ethical.

  • Become a Home for Good Church – 21st May 2019

    21st May, 7-9pm, SOC

    Every fifteen minutes in the UK, a child will come into care. Each one deserves a home where they will be loved, nurtured and enabled to thrive.

    If you want to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children then join us in exploring how the church is ideally placed to help find families to foster or adopt and to provide an excellent community of support for families who foster or adopt.

    Phil Green, Chief Executive of Home for Good will be leading this inspiring event.

  • Whole-Life Responses – 4th June 2019

    4th June, 7-9pm, SOC

    What does sustainable action on poverty look like?

    Come and be inspired to be agents of change through a whole-life response to poverty through prayer, giving, action, advocacy and lifestyle changes.

    Reverend Virginia Luckett, the UK Churches Team Director at Tearfund will be leading this unmissable event.

  • Anti-Trafficking Film Night – 14th June 2019

    14th June, 7-9:30pm, SOC

    Film synopsis:
    An unemployed Taiwanese graduate in London takes a job as a receptionist in an illegal massage parlour and learns how the women struggle to make their lives work in a world where danger and violence are always near.

    Tamar will be leading this challenging film night and discussion on anti-sex trafficking.