“Fresh Start of God’s Rebuilding Project” Sermon Series 29th May – 26th June 2022

Why is life so hard, so tough and so cold? These were some of the questions asked.
After years of exile in a foreign land, there was a glimmer of hope when the Israelites had the opportunity to return to their homeland. The returnees were busily engaged in their rebuilding projects, to rebuild their homes, their communities and lives, bringing hopes of a better life, a sense of belonging. Their dreams were shattered by the harsh reality, the harvest was sparse and life was hard. The fortunate few were doing well, probably at the expense of the less privileged and poor. Into this coldness of life, God stirred up and fired up the hearts of His servants, leaders and people, the prophet Haggai called for the rebuilding project of the Holy Temple. What is God calling us to rebuild in this age and time? And what is your response to this call?

Date Theme Chapter
29/5/2022 Material Desolation Leads to Spiritual Mission Haggai : 1:1-15
5/6/2022 Spiritual Rebuilding Leads to Greater Glory Haggai : 2:1-9
12/6/2022 Spiritual Purity Leads to Many Blessings Haggai : 2:10-19
19/06/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker
26/6/2022 Spiritual Responsibility Leads to Victory and Honour Haggai : 2:20-23