“Fresh Start Case Studies – Restart Life” Sermon Series 7th August – 28th August 2022

We are not as beautiful as we seem. In fact, we are often weak; we stumble, and even mess up. In our failure and weakness, people may give up on us, we may even give up on ourselves, but Jesus has not given up on us. He sees that in his grace we can start over, and in his grace, we can have a bright future. He approaches us who are weak and wrong, rescues us, picks us up, and gives us a new beginning. This sermon series will feature four biblical characters who met Jesus and restarted their lives. May their stories with Jesus also inspire us to stand up again in Christ for a bright future.

Date Theme Chapter
7/8/2022 Goodbye to the Past John 8:1-11
14/8/2022 Brand New Life Mark 5:1-20
21/8/2022 Reverse Direction Acts 26:9-18
28/8/2022 A Fresh Restart John 21:15-19