“Faith and the Common Good – Easter Season” Sermon Series 12 April – 3 May

Easter Themes: Resurrection, freedom, eternal life, victory, joy

Evangelical Christianity has long been plagued by a dichotomy between worship and ethics, faith
and politics and evangelism and social action. In this series we will demonstrate that there is no
tension between these areas and the issue should never have been one of ‘either/or’ but rather
‘both/and’. The message here is that the power of the gospel must address the desperate social,
economical, political, physical and spiritual needs of a broken world. In other words, the Christian
faith is not a private matter but involves a new community which challenges all the misuses of
power in our world. The challenge for us is to journey together toward the common good that God
desires for this hurting and troubled world.

Date Theme Bible Verses
 12 Apr  Faith and the Common Good:
Jubilee Spirituality and the Common Good
Leviticus 25;
Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:16-18
 19 Apr  Faith and the Common Good:
Worship, Moral Goodness and the Common Good
 Amos 5
 26 Apr  Faith and the Common Good:
The Economy and the Common Good
 Amos 6
 3 May  Faith and the Common Good:
The Cross and the Common Good
 2 Corinthians 5:17-21