“Encountering Jesus, Becoming Like Jesus” Sermon Series 30 Oct-20 Nov

Ordinary Time Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

Looking in depth at Jesus’ interactions with people such as Nicodemus, the outsider at the well and Jesus’ friends Mary and Martha, we learn how Jesus explains who he is and what his mission is. Through their encounters with Jesus, people’s lives were changed forever … As we encounter Jesus, how are our lives being changed? As we encounter Jesus in the every day, how do his truths affect us? And what can we learn from the way that Jesus interacted with people, as we endeavour to mirror Christ in our every day interactions – as we share our lives with others?

Date Theme Bible Verses
30 Oct Jesus and the Wedding Feast John 2:1-11
 6 Nov Jesus and Nicodemus John 3:1-21
13 Nov Jesus and the Woman at the Well John 4:1-28
20 Nov Jesus and the Two Sisters John 11:17-45