“A Faith That Works” Sermon Series 12th September – 10th October 2021

“Justification by Faith” is a key doctrine of the Christian faith because the Bible tells us that we cannot save ourselves. Only by believing in Jesus Christ can we be saved and our relationship with God be restored. Yet, is our Faith in Christ evident or is it just lip services? Is our Faith sustainable in trials? Does our Faith change our lives? What is the relationship between Faith, Works and Prayer? Let us reflect on our Faith in Christ through the book of James in the coming four weeks.

Date Theme Chapter
12/9/2021 Faith that Withstands Trials James 1:1-8
19/9/2021 Faith that Transforms Life James 1:19-27
26/9/2021 Special Sunday
3/10/2021 Faith that is Tangible James 2:14-26
10/10/2021 Faith that Becomes Visible – the Power of Prayer James 5:13-20