“The Disciples’ Prayer” Sermon Series 5 March – 9 April

Lent Themes: examination, self-denial, self-giving, repentance and preparation for Easter

“Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through His Word and His grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with him. ”
–  Timothy J. Keller,  Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

The connection between spiritual disciplines and discipleship is inseparable. If we desire to be mature disciples we must cultivate our inner life. Prayer is a discipline that reflects our inner life and our intimacy with God. In this Lent sermon series, following on from the Sermon on the Mount, we will look deeper at the Disciples’ Prayer (traditionally called the Lord’s Prayer) in which Jesus gives us a simple and beautiful model for how to grow deep in our life of prayer as we reorientate ourselves around our Father in a more Christ-like way.

Date Theme Verses
5 March The Purpose of Prayer Matthew 6:5-8
12 March The Person of Prayer Matthew 6:9
19 March The Petition of Prayer Matthew 6:10
26 March The Provision of Prayer Matthew 6:11
2 April The Pardon of Prayer Matthew 6:12
9 April The Protection of Prayer Matthew 6:13