Our Team

The Next Generation Pastoral Team

Rev. Ollie Knight
Pastor to The Next Generation
Hannah Chan
Youth Minister
Gladys Ng
Children’s Minister

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Our pastoral staff work with teams of volunteers to lead our Kids Church and Youth Ministry groups across our centres, listed below.


Ministry Leaders

  • Colindale

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Junior Kids: Annie Tran
    Senior Kids: Doris Chu

    Youth Group: CTJ – Closer to Jesus
    Team Leader: Abigail Lee
    Youth Leaders: Victor Wong, Lena Ding

    Family Discipleship
    Champion: Doris Chu

  • Croydon

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Junior Kids: Hsiang-Yu Chen & Germain Kwok
    Senior Kids: Wei Lin Yang

    Youth Group: Ignite
    Team Leader: Hannah Chan
    Youth Leaders: Haynam Sham, Sophia Cheung, Sunny Yang

    TNG Pastoral Staff
    Hannah Chan

  • Hammersmith

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Cantonese: Fanny Mak
    Mandarin: Elaine Zhao & Frank Fang
    English (Explorers): Denise Tan

    Youth Group: ALIVE
    Team Leader: Ryan Wong
    Youth Leaders: Ji-Sian Loong, Jonathan Kwok, Justin Kwok, Lore Chan, Rachel Chan, Ruben Logan

    Family Discipleship
    Champion: Sinming Cheung

  • Soho

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Baby Church: Yvonne Lee
    Cantonese Junior:
     Dorothy Tang
    Cantonese Senior: Wilson Wong
    Bilingual: Dan Wu

    Youth Group: Y4C – Youth 4 Christ
    Team Leader: Heather Sham
    Youth Leaders: Christopher Chong, Lok Sze Chung, Mark Xiao, Oliver Huo

    Family Discipleship
    Champion: Wilson Wong