Our Team

The Next Generation

Pastoral Leadership

Rev. Ollie Knight
English Ministry Pastor
Gladys Ng
Children’s Minister
Charis Hung
Youth Minister
John Ho
Students Minister
Haynam Sham
Youth & Students Intern


Ministry Leaders

  • Colindale

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Junior Kids: Annie Tran
    Senior Kids: Pui Fong Yeung

    Youth Group: CTJ – Closer to Jesus
    Team Leader: Lena Ding

    Family Discipleship Rep:
    Doris Chu

  • Croydon

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Junior Kids: Elise Chow
    Senior Kids: Wei Lin Yang

    Youth Group: Ignite
    Team Leader: Pastoral Intern Haynam Sham
    Youth Leaders: Anna Cheng, Bin Lin, Brendon Luo, Hilary Chow, Jonathan Zhong, Kevin Yin, Sunny Yang

  • Hammersmith

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Cantonese: Fanny Mak
    Mandarin: Elaine Pang & Frank Fang
    English (Explorers): Vacant

    Youth Group: ALIVE
    Team Leader: Jono Kwok
    Youth Leaders: Andrew Pang, Joshua Li, Justin Kwok, Rachel Chan, Ruben Logan, Ryan Wong, Tiffany Chan
    Group Facilitators: Cherry Kwan, Joyce Lam, Thomas Yu, Sinming Cheung

    Family Discipleship Rep:
    Sinming Cheung

  • Hounslow

    Kids Church Team Leader
    Grace Leung

  • Soho

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Baby Church: Yvonne Lee
    Cantonese Junior:
     Dorothy Tang
    Cantonese Senior: Wilson Wong
    Mandarin Bilingual: Dan Wu

    Youth Group: Y4C – Youth 4 Christ
    Team Leader: Heather Sham
    Youth Leaders: Jasmine Lim, Lok Sze Chung, Oliver Huo

    Family Discipleship Rep:
    Wilson Wong


Committee Structure