Our Team

The Next Generation Pastoral Team 

Ollie Knight leads The Next Generation Ministry, based mainly in Hammersmith. After studying Chinese & Linguistics for a while in London and Beijing, he completed a degree in Theology at the London School of Theology.
Charis Hung is our Youth Ministry Pastoral Worker based in Soho. Charis from Paris loves sports and good food, and has a Masters degree in Youth Ministry after studying Modern Languages.
Hannah Chan is our Pastoral Worker in Croydon. Originally from Yorkshire, she studied Psychology in California and graduated in Biblical Counselling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas.

Like most Youth Pastors, our team shares a love for coffee and talking to young people about life and faith! Find out below about our teams of ministry leaders and volunteers at each centre.

Ministry Leaders

  • Colindale

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Junior Kids: Annie Tran
    Senior Kids: Doris Chu

    Youth Group: CTJ – Closer to Jesus
    Team Leader: Lena Ding
    Youth Leaders: Abigail Lee & Victor Wong

    Family Discipleship
    Family Discipleship Rep: Doris Chu

  • Croydon

    TNG Pastoral Staff
    Hannah Chan

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Cantonese Junior: Agnes Li
    Mandarin Junior: Wendy Yip
    Senior Kids: Wei Lin Yang

    Youth Group: Ignite
    Team Leader: Hannah Chan
    Youth Leaders: Belinda Chieng, Bin Lin, Diane Law, Hilary Chow, Sunny Yang

    Family Discipleship
    Family Discipleship Rep: Wendy Yip

  • Hammersmith

    TNG Pastoral Staff
    Ollie Knight

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Cantonese: Fanny Mak
    English (Explorers): Denise Lo
    Mandarin: Qing Li

    Junior Youth Group: TJ – Team Jesus
    Team Leader: Jon Szeto
    Youth Leaders: Eric Lui, Jess Chow, Yeva Tang

    Senior Youth Group: ALIVE
    Team Leader: [Vacant]
    Youth Leaders: Ho-Yon Mak, Leah Logan, Ruben Logan, Ryan Wong, Sarah Tsang
    Young Leaders: Ji-Sian Loong, Justin Kwok, Ria Hui

    Family Discipleship
    Family Discipleship Rep: Sinming Cheung
    Parent Reps: Jackie Li Zhang, Lore Chan, Sandy Leung

  • Soho

    TNG Pastoral Staff
    Charis Hung

    Kids Church Team Leaders
    Cantonesee Junior: Dorothy Tang
    Cantonese Senior: Wilson Wong
    Mandarin Kids: Dan Wu

    Youth Group: Y4C – Youth 4 Christ
    Team Leader: Charis Hung
    Youth Leaders: Avin Wong, Heather Sham, Lok Sze Chung, Rachel Chan, Shell Lin, Tina Luo

    Family Discipleship
    Family Discipleship Rep: Wilson Wong

  • Kids Church Team Leaders sit on the TNG Kids Church Committee and TNG Sub-Committee for their centre;
  • Youth Group Team Leaders sit on the TNG Youth Ministry Committee and TNG Sub-Committee for their centre;
  • Family Discipleship Reps and Parent Reps sit on the TNG Sub-Committee for their centre, and connect with the IDMC Family Discipleship Task Group.