“Fool-Proofing Your Life” Sermon Series 10th March – 14th April 2019

Lent Themes: Self-examination, self-denial, self-giving, repentance and preparation for Easter

The book of Proverbs was originally written to a young man by his elder in an attempt to pass down both godly wisdom and instruction. In this six part series, we will explore the book’s themes of wisdom and folly, and you are invited to live with wisdom and in the fear of the Lord in order to experience the good life. The culture we live in today desperately needs to see and experience wisdom. So this series is not only for churchgoers, but it is for the people we will interact with on a daily basis. Join us as we learn how to fool-proof our lives.

Date Theme Verses
10/03/19 How to Fool-Proof Your Life Proverbs 1
17/03/19 Pursue Wisdom At All Cost Proverbs 4
24/03/19 The Cost of Sexual Immorality Proverbs 6:20-35
31/03/19 Making Tough Choices Proverbs 9
07/04/19 Integrity in Your Work and Your Words Proverbs 10
14/04/19 The Fruitfulness of Wisdom Proverbs 31