Prayer Items

We would like to invite you to remember the following needs in your daily prayer time with God at 10pm if you can, or at any other time in your convenience.

  • As the New Year starts, pray the Lord will continue to sustain our desire for spiritual growth. May He help us set a good foundation on the biblical truth and apply it in our daily lives.
  • Pray for the wisdom of our leaders when planning for and implementing  the disciple training materials for Croydon’s brothers and sisters.
  • Please continue to pray for our search for a church centre in South London. Pray that the Lord will provide us a centre in His time to enable us to preach the Gospel and implement disciple training programmes effectively.
  • Thanks to the Lord!  Our badminton ministry went very well in the first phase. Pray that He will continue to guide us with His wisdom into the second phase and use this ministry to glory His name!