CCiL Croydon Chinese School

School Objectives

  • To spread the Christian spirit, based on the love of Christ.
  • To promote Chinese culture by teaching the younger generation of overseas Chinese the virtues of traditional Chinese culture.
  • To nurture pupils towards an all-round development through the school curriculum and out-of-school activities.
  • To raise the pupils’ ability in the Chinese language in order to foster better communication between the children and their parents.

School Site

Archbishop Tenison’s High School, Selborne Road, Croydon, CR0 5JQ

The school is situated at Selborne Road, South Croydon, less than a mile from East Croydon train station. The school is well served by buses, 64 and 433 stop at the Selborne Road stop on Park Hill Road. The closest tram stop Sandilands is 0.6 miles away.

Teaching Staff

The school invites suitably educated Christians to be volunteer teachers. Teachers also devised teaching materials for pupils based on the excellent textbooks currently used in Hong Kong and those published by the UK Federation of Chinese Schools. Teaching materials are well designed and practical to use.  Teachers employ creative teaching methods to arouse pupils’ learning interest.


The school enrolls pupils from 5 years of age to 15, from the beginners’ class to GCSE class. Those who are interested in studying in our school and who satisfy the age requirement can fill in and submit the online application form. The admission decision rests with the school and the school will notify the applicants individually.

Lesson Times

Roll call at 10 am on Saturday and lesson finishes at 12 pm.

School Calendar

Other Details

Information for Parents

CCiL Croydon Chinese School COVID19 Risk Assessment

School mobile phone numbers

Contact numbers : 075144 04047 or 07828 023323

Data Protection Policy

The Chinese Church in London Croydon Chinese School promises to abide by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining transparency in the handling of personal data. We are committed to protecting the security of your personal data and would update our personal data policy to meet the latest standards in accordance with relevant data management regulations.

Safeguarding Policy

Keeping children safe is the shared responsibility of schools, parents and the community. We all have a responsibility to protect children from abuse, prevent damage to their health and development, and ensure that children can grow up in a safe and well-cared-for environment. We expect everyone to be courteous, respectful, and to compete fairly with others, and that every student can reach their full potential and have a positive opinion of themselves. Students are encouraged to care and support each other, and all staff are expected to care and support all students equally. To achieve this goal, all employees must comply with this policy and participate in training as necessary.