“Are You In?” Sermon Series – 14 Jan to 11 Feb

Winter Season Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

We are all called to something far greater and far more exciting than life as we know it. We exist to make disciples of Jesus to transform London and the world. That’s no small task, in fact it’s a way of life. This church is the community through which we are being made alive in Jesus and becoming like Jesus in loving God, loving believers, and loving our neighbours. None of us were made to go it alone, we’re on this journey together. Are you in?


Date Theme Verses
14 Jan Vision Sunday: The kind of church we want to be Matthew 28:18 – 20
21 Jan Vision Sunday: What is in store for 2018 (67th Anniversary Service)
28 Jan Mission: What we are supposed to be doing Ephesians 2: 4 – 5;
Matthew 22:37 – 39;
John 13:34 – 35
4 Feb Values: Why we do what we do – Part 1 Ephesians 4:22 – 24
11 Feb Values: Why we do what we do – Part 2 1 Peter 1:15