“Word of Life” Bible Study – Genesis (Cantonese)

Jointly Organized by

Chinese Church in London &

China Graduate School of Theology

Date & Time : 15th October to 3rd December 2015 (Thursday) – a total of 8 sessions

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Notes for Participants:

1. Participants are advised to form their own study groups and decide on their own group leaders. Each group consists of 5 members.
2. For participants who do not prefer to form their own groups or do not manage to do so, our organizing team will arrange the groups for them.
3. Participants who have been absent for 4 sessions will be disqualified from attending the rest of the sessions and applying for the course in next season.

Deadline for Application: 27th September 2015 (Sunday)

Application is now closed.