“Truth Speaks to Power” Sermon Series – 17 Sept to 15 Oct

Non-Seasonal Time Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

In a world where power tends to be wielded by the influential, the elites or the resourceful, there is a danger that power is misused to subvert truth and used to manipulate and exploit the weak and vulnerable for their own purposes. The truth is that truth speaks to power, not vice versa. It is to stand up for truth, regardless of power or powerlessness, riches or poverty, fame or unknown. In this series, we will explore stories that challenge all self-seeking claims to power and show in distinct ways that God’s truth is true power, truth gives life, truth stands forever, truth protects. Eventually, truth wins.

Date Theme Verses
17 Sep Pharaoh Before Moses Exodus 7-14
24 Sep David Before Nathan 2 Samuel 11-12
1 Oct Solomon Before God 1 Kings 11
 8 Oct  Ahab Before Naboth 1 Kings 21
15 Oct  Pilate Before Jesus John 18:28-19:16