“The kingdom of heaven on earth” Sermon Series 26th February – 9th July 2023

Christians often think of “going” to heaven, but Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer towards the opposite direction. He taught us to pray, “your kingdom come, your will be done ‘on earth’ as it is in heaven.” We have too many misconceptions about the “kingdom of heaven.” The kingdom of heaven is not just a place to which we will ascend when we die. The kingdom of heaven is about the here and now. The kingdom of heaven should not only be a future tense, but also a present tense. Disciples should not wait for a distant future event, but go and live out the pattern of the citizens of the kingdom of heaven here and now, allowing the values of the kingdom of heaven to radically change the way we live on earth.

Jesus walked through the hills and villages of Galilee proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven is near! Repent (Matt. 4:17)! We should also repent of our superficial, lukewarm attitude to faith and take every teaching of Jesus seriously and strive to put it into practice. There are five major blocks of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew’s Gospel, corresponding to the Pentateuch of the Old Testament (the five books of Moses), to show that Jesus is more than Moses. If we take these teachings on the values of the Kingdom seriously and seek to put them into practice, we will find these teachings extremely radical and challenging. They will even bring us “troubles.” But perhaps the challenge is good, because these teachings of Jesus are not meant for us to be comfortable and stay in the current status. Rather, they are meant to challenge us and inspire us to live out the values of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

So let the teaching of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel challenge us to live our faith. Let us put into practice the teachings of Jesus. Let us live out the values of the kingdom of heaven on earth, here and now, and let the kingdom of heaven come to us through our practice. May the will of the Father be done on earth, and in us, as it is in heaven.

Date Theme Chapter
26/02/2023 The calling * Matt. 4:17-22
05/03/2023 The beatitudes Matt. 5:1-16
12/03/2023 The law Matt. 5:17-48
19/03/2023 Special Sunday: Mother’s day to be specified by speaker
26/03/2023 The righteous deeds Matt. 6:1-18
02/04/2023 The treasure Matt. 6:19-34
09/04/2023 Special Sunday: Easter Sunday to be specified by speaker
16/04/2023 The generous Father Matt. 7:1-12
23/04/2023 The two choices Matt. 7:13-27
30/04/2023 The apostles Matt. 10:1-42
07/05/2023 The seed Matt. 13:1-23
14/05/2023 The parable of the kingdom of heaven Matt. 13:24-52
21/05/2023 The little one Matt. 18:1-20
28/05/2023 The forgiveness Matt. 18:21-35
04/06/2023 The woes Matt. 23:1-39
11/06/2023 The signs Matt. 24:1-51
18/06/2023 Special Sunday: Father’s day (TNG Sunday) to be specified by speaker
25/06/203 The ten virgins Matt. 25:1-13
02/07/2023 The good and faithful servant Matt. 25:14-30
09/07/2023 The commission Matt. 28:16-20

* Note: all these titles are tentative for preachers’ use only; chairpersons should consult with the preacher in order to obtain the actual sermon title for the week.