“Shabbat Shalom” Sermon Series – 11 November to 25 November

Autumn Season Theme: Day to day discipleship issues

It is not an accident that God rested on the seventh day because Sabbath rest is the real climax of creation as God entered into the enjoyment of his “very good” creation. He created rest, and He created His image-bearers to desire times of rest and enjoyment. Our sin has interrupted this. We either pursue rest to the point of laziness or we refuse rest to the point of exhaustion or illness. Either way, true rest eludes us. Jesus has purchased our rest from spiritual striving, and He calls us to find lasting rest and satisfaction in Him.

Date Theme Verses
11 Nov A Rhythm of Life Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 31:12-17
18 Nov Recovering Rest in a Burnout Culture Matthew 11:28
25 Nov Rethinking Rest Hebrew 4:1-11