“ Seeing the Harvest Through God’s Eyes” Sermon Series 3rd – 24th November 2019

AUTUMN Themes: Day to day discipleship issues

Our eyes are often preoccupied with the immediate desires of our lives: our future, finances, and friendships. We become blinded to a lost and hurting world around us. Yet when Jesus sees the crowds, he has compassion on them and reaches out. The harvest of people is plentiful. The problem is not that the harvest is not ready to hear. The problem is the labourers are few. Join us this missions month as we learn about God’s compassion for all people, that our eyes will be opened and that God will send out from among us more labourers to work for the spread of the gospel among those who have never heard it.

Date Theme Verses
3/11/2019 The Pity of the Harvest Matthew 9:36
10/11/2019 The Potential of the Harvest Matthew 9:37
17/11/2019 The Problem of the Harvest Matthew 9:37
24/11/2019 The Prayer to the Lord of the Harvest Matthew 9:38